Hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor Series

 α/β-ray simultaneous Measure type Hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor FDS-302

 β(γ)-ray hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor FPS-302

 α-ray Hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor FZS-302

 β(γ)-ray Hand-Foot-Cloth Monitor RFGS-601A(Gaiger Muller counter type)

  • The new type instrument for radiation measurement - HAND, FOOT AND CLOTH MONITOR SERIES - with the consideration of the environment in radiation control system.

  • The Hand-Foot and Cloth Monitor is a new type radiation measuring system utilizing a Scintillation Detector. The fundamental concept of developing this system is “KIND-DESIGN”. Considering environmental conditions of the measurement, a lot of functions are provided in order to minimize the operational complication. Corresponding to radiation sources to be measured, three types of monitor are provided: “for α-ray”, “for β(γ)-ray” and “for α/β-rays simultaneous monitoring”.